ACOG Announces Promotions

Celebrating Promotions From Within

The Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG) is pleased to announce the following promotions and new hires since December 2016.

Charlotte Adcock was promoted to Assistant Planner – Multimodal in May. Adcock previously served as a part-time Assistant Planner. In her new position, Adcock is responsible for the planning and advancement of regional bicycle, pedestrian and transit initiatives within Central Oklahoma. She will also provide technical assistance in the development of the long range transportation plan. Adcock was raised in Massachusetts and recently graduated with a Master’s Degree in Regional and City Planning from the University of Oklahoma. She lives in Norman, Oklahoma.

Angela Hankins was promoted to Special Programs Officer in February. She previously served as grants accountant. Her new duties involve coordinating activities of the Central Oklahoma Economic Development District, which is housed at ACOG. She will manage grant applications for projects listed on the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy for Central Oklahoma in addition to other responsibilities including keeping the CEDS updated. The CEDS articulates and prioritizes strategic economic goals of Central Oklahoma and is supported by a grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration. The grant is matched with local dollars from ACOG members. Hankins has a degree in business administration from Northeastern State University, Tahlequah. She is a Native Oklahoma who grew up in Miami and today, lives in Piedmont, Oklahoma.

Robin Murray accepted a new position as 9-1-1 Institute Programs Manager in May. Murray previously served as 9-1-1 Programs Manager. In her new position she will provide planning, training, coordination and guidance to the 9-1-1 ACOG Training Institute. The institute was established in 1994 to offer Central Oklahoma emergency dispatchers a top quality, affordable and nationally accredited alternative to expensive out-of-state training. Murray, a former police officer, is a Native New Yorker. Prior to coming to ACOG she served as Communications Director for the City of Nichols Hills Police Department. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from University of Oklahoma.

Phillip Schroeder was promoted to Special Programs Officer – Senior Graphic Designer in June. Schroeder previously served as a part-time senior graphic designer. In his new position he is responsible for guidance of concept; development and design of creative materials; overseeing production of printed and interactive materials; initial project conceptualization; photography direction, and illustration direction. Schroeder has 18 years of experience and has won more than 150 awards. He holds a degree in graphic design from Southwestern Oklahoma State University. Phillip is a Native Oklahoma. He grew up in Okeene and today, lives in Yukon, Oklahoma.

Jennifer Sebesta was promoted to Division Programs Coordinator in the Transportation and Planning Services Division in November. She previously served as a GIS Specialist and Associate Planner. Sebesta first joined ACOG in 2011. In her new position she provides planning, coordination and guidance on ACOG’s long-range transportation planning program, the metropolitan transportation plan (MTP), regional scenario planning and travel demand modeling, traffic counts program, socioeconomic and transportation data analysis, transportation impacts monitoring, as well as GIS coordination and data support for other programs. Sebesta holds a Bachelors’ Degree in Geography from Oklahoma State University and a Master’s Degree in Geography from Oklahoma State University. She lives in Northwest Oklahoma City.

John M. Sharp was promoted to Division Director over Transportation Planning and Services in December. Originally from Bristol, England, he is a graduate of Oklahoma State University where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography. While at OSU, he was a member of the Men’s Track and Field Team. Sharp, who also holds a Master’s Degree in Regional and City Planning from the University of Oklahoma, joined ACOG in 1985 as an intern.

In his new position, he oversees a number of programs, projects and planning functions that receive local, state and federal funding. These include the regional air quality and the Ozone Alert Day program; the Bicycle and Pedestrian program, which includes the popular Bike To Work Day program; congestion management, which includes traffic counts, incident management, snow routes and crash analyses; maps and data including regional aerial acquisition coordinator; long and short range planning, which includes the current 2040 plan; the Unified Planning Work Program and much more. He also provides guidance to monthly ACOG Boards and Committees including the Intermodal Transportation Policy Committee and the Intermodal Transportation Technical Committee. He provides the same for other bi-monthly and quarterly committees including the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee and the Areawide Planning and Technical Advisory Committee. In addition, as a member of ACOG’s senior staff, he collaborates with executive leadership on the Regional Transit Authority Task Force.

Sharp lives on a farm in rural Southeast Oklahoma City with his wife Fran.

Kathryn Wenger was promoted to Division Programs Coordinator in the Transportation Planning and Services Division in May. She previously served as an Associate Planner. Wenger first joined ACOG in 2015. In her new position she provides planning, coordination and guidance on Short Range Planning, the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), Performance Based Planning, Programming and Management (PBPP), Congestion Management, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Traffic Incident Management (TIM), Safety and Security Initiatives and Freight. Wenger holds a Bachelors’ Degree in Geography from James Madison University and a Master’s Degree in Geography from Oklahoma State University. She lives in Guthrie, Oklahoma.

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