Transportation Alternatives Program

The Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) is a new program under the MAP-21 legislation signed into law July 6, 2012. The program was effective October 1, 2012. The TAP allows for increased flexibility in projects and effectively combines project eligibility from the former Transportation Enhancements (TE), Recreational Trails Program and Safe Routes to School (SRTS) programs which were enacted under SAFETEA-LU. For the first time TAP calls for and funds independent competitive processes at several levels.

TAP Documents

  • Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) grant manual [PDF]
  • Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) grant manual [Microsoft Word]
  • Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) application [PDF]
  • Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) application [Online submission; registration required]
  • Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) Frequently Asked Questions [PDF]
  • Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) first funding cycle projects and details [PDF]
  • Microsoft Word format
  • PDF format
  • OCARTS Regional Bicycle Master Plan
  • Central Oklahoma Bicycle Crash Map
  • Central Oklahoma Pedestrian Crash Map
  • Central Oklahoma Natural and Man-Made Bicycling Barriers Map
    OCARTS Urbanized Area Map
  • Central Oklahoma Regional Activity and Employment Centers Map
  • OCARTS Existing and Proposed Bicycle and Pedestrian Infrastructure Map
  • OCARTS Priority Regional Corridors for Future Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Map
  • Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) Workshop PowerPoint Presentation

For additional resources to assist you in developing a TAP application including maps and an example resolution, please see the bottom of this page.


Associate Planner, Bicycle/Pedestrian

John M. Sharp
Program Coordinator, Demographics

TAP Application Preparation Resources

Check this link placeholder soon for the actual document, OCARTS Regional Pedestrian Master Plan. More text to come about the pedestrian master plan…

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