Traffic Incident Management


Traffic Incident Management

Traffic Incident Management (TIM) is the planned and coordinated, multi-disciplinary process to detect, respond to and clear traffic incidents in order to restore normal traffic flow as safely and quickly as possible. Effective TIM reduces the duration and impacts of traffic incidents and improves the safety of motorists, crash victims and emergency responders.

Three main ideas sustained throughout the enhanced planning and training of all TIM personnel include:

  • Develop a comprehensive and inclusive TIM program that ultimately benefits member local governments, TIM responders and transportation coordination and planning in the OCARTS area and statewide
  • Promote rapid incident clearance, which reduces the chance of secondary accidents attributed to the incident
  • Establish performance measures, such as after-action reviews that contribute to the overall TIM response and coordinated communication effort across multiple disciplines of incident response

Central Oklahoma Traffic Incident Management Effort (COTIME)

A multi-agency group including transportation, public safety, and emergency response agencies within the Central Oklahoma area was created in 2003 as an effort to minimize response and clearance times through better coordination and communication among traffic incident responders. A memorandum of understanding was signed by the heads of eight agencies responsible for traffic incident management, who pledged to cooperatively work towards the development of a coordinated incident management program in Central Oklahoma.

Through several coordinated meetings with various first-responder agencies state and local governments and public safety and service organizations, the Central Oklahoma Traffic Incident Management Effort has become the coordinated, multi-disciplinary effort for all traffic incident management stakeholders with the goal of implementing a more robust communication network, training opportunities and implementing traffic incident management in Central Oklahoma.

Although still in its infancy, COTIME has a draft bylaws, which calls for an 18 member, multi-disciplinary group of traffic incident management stakeholders whose ongoing efforts include: inner-agency cooperation, informational workshops and coordinated meetings, continuation of raise awareness of the importance of traffic incident management and its vital role in reducing incident response time and ultimately saving the lives of first responders and travelers on Central Oklahoma roadways.

Staff Contact

Kathryn Wenger
Program Coordinator

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