Encompass 2040

Encompass 2040

Encompass 2040 ACOG Association of Central Oklahoma Governments OCARTS Oklahoma City Area Regional Transportation Study Long-Range Plan Metropolitan Transportation Plan ODOT MTP FHWA Federal Highway Administration PPP Public Engagement Public Involvement Survey 2035 Regional Transit Transportation Rail Commuter Passenger Light Intracity Intercity BRT Bike PedEvery five years, ACOG produces a new Metropolitan Transportation Plan, or MTP, that creates a long-term vision of our regional transportation system. The MTP, called Encompass 2040, looks twenty-five years into the future to guide Central Oklahoma’s management, operation, and investment of billions of transportation dollars. With an expected completion date of spring 2016, Encompass 2040 includes projections of regional land use, population, employment, and travel to depict Central Oklahoma in 2040 and the challenges and opportunities therein. Although number-crunching and data analysis are vital to Encompass 2040, no less important is the input from Central Oklahomans like you. We’ve got a variety of ways you can talk with us to find out more about Encompass 2040, our work, your vision of Central Oklahoma’s transportation future and how we can work together to create a plan that finds solutions, accomplishes our region’s goals and illustrates a Central Oklahoma firmly in the 21st century.



Encompass 2040 Call for Projects Encompass

2040 Call for Projects (MAPS)  

PHOTO DETAILS: The Redbud is the Oklahoma state tree. For more state symbols, visit Oklahoma Historical Society.

Encompass 2040 Goals

Goals for Encompass 2040

To help guide Encompass 2040, we’ve crafted seven goal statements and strategies essential to the region’s future. These goals and strategies are mere drafts, however, and both ACOG and ACOG’s governing body need your input to help us shape and finalize these guiding principles of Central Oklahoma’s future transportation. To read more about each goal, simply click on the icon next to it. Use the comment box in the right sidebar to submit comments or feedback directly to us. We’ll have finalized goals in December and we’re hoping to have plenty of your feedback to help us. Click on each goal’s icon to read more and use the comment box to the right to give us your feedback.

Economic Strength

Promote economic vitality through enhanced mobility.

Healthy Communities

Recognize and improve the connections between land use and transportation to enable citizens to live healthier lives and reduce environmental impact from vehicle travel.

System Preservation

Maintain and improve the quality of the transportation system.


Develop connections among all types of transportation.


Increase the efficiency and reliability of the transportation system.

Equitable Transportation Option

Provide transportation access for the movement of all people and goods.

Safety and Security

Provide a safe and secure transportation system.

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