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Encompass 2035

Encompass 2035 was developed in compliance with SAFETEA-LU, the Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users, the federal transportation legislation in effect at the time of adoption. The Plan uses a base year of 2005 and a forecast year of 2035 to analyze land use, population, employment and other socioeconomic factors that will influence the region’s development and travel in the coming years.

Although Encompass 2035 provides a snapshot of current conditions and future transportation needs, transportation planning is a dynamic process. Therefore, as additional studies are completed and local priorities change, amendments to the Plan may be necessary. Current efforts are focused on implementation of Encompass 2035, as well as the development of data needed for the next long-range transportation plan.

Encompass 2040

The OCARTS area is an air quality attainment area. Thus, the long-range transportation plan update for Central Oklahoma is required every five years.

Encompass 2035 Plan Document
Executive Summary
2035 Plan Map
2035 Plan Brochure

The Encompass 2040 Plan is in development in compliance with MAP 21, using 2010 as its base year and 2040 as its forecast year.


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