Transportation Committees

OCARTS Organization and Committee

Multimodal transportation planning and implementation require a unified policy direction for all modes of travel. This direction is provided by a committee structure, which was developed jointly by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation and local governments within the OCARTS area.

The structure consists of number of modal committees anchored by an Intermodal Transportation Policy Committee (ITPC), an Intermodal Transportation Technical Committee (ITTC), and a Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC). The OCARTS organizational structure can be found here:

  • Intermodal Transportation Technical Committee (ITTC)
  • Intermodal Transportation Policy Committee (ITPC)
  • Areawide Planning and Technical Advisory Committee (APTAC)
  • Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC)
  • Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC)
  • Regional Transit Dialogue (RTD)
  • Central Oklahoma Traffic Incident Management Effort (COTIME) Committee


Technical review and discussion on regional planning topics are provided by the Areawide Planning and Technical Advisory Committee (APTAC). This committee is generally composed of city planners and representatives of various local and state agencies.


The purpose of the Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) is to help promote regional bicycle and pedestrian guidelines for the planning, design and construction of facilities. It is tasked with updating and maintaining the regional bicycle and pedestrian system and to serve in a planning and technical advisory capacity to the ITPC.


The Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) membership encompasses all transportation modes, representatives of minority and elderly populations, persons with disabilities, businesses, local governments, environmental/public interest groups, neighborhoods, and private citizens.


The Central Oklahoma Traffic Incident Management Effort (COTIME) is a multi-disciplinary traffic incident management committee focused on reducing incident related congestion, secondary crashes and roadway user and first responder safety by implementing consistent, region-wide incident management practices.


The Intermodal Transportation Policy Committee (ITPC) has 45 members and is the single policy group for regional transportation decision making in the OCARTS area. The ITPC voting membership is composed of locally elected officials, state transportation department managers and commissioners, and designees from other local agencies, representing various transportation modes.


Technical review and guidance for the OCARTS planning programs are provided by the Intermodal Transportation Technical Committee (ITTC). This committee is generally comprised of city planners, city engineers and traffic managers, and also includes representatives of various modes, environmental agencies, the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority, ODOT and the federal transportation agencies.

RTA Task Force

The RTA Task Force establishes the structure, design and rules of operation to develop the Central Oklahoma Regional Transit Authority (working name). It is also responsible for determining the geographic boundaries, districting rules for modifcation of a regional transit district. Click the icon to learn more.

RTD Steering Committee

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