The Association of Central Oklahoma Governments has received funding to host a transportation management center (TMC) workshop for the Central Oklahoma region. As part of the Technology and Innovation Deployment Program funds allocated through MAP-21, ACOG has been awarded $6,500 to host a regional workshop to initiate development of a TMC. The goal of the workshop will be to raise the level of knowledge and awareness of local and state elected officials and decision makers on the benefits of a regional TMC.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, a TMC serves as the nerve center for freeway management operations where data about the roadway network is gathered and analyzed to produce vital roadway information via live feeds to city, county and state transportation officials and agencies, as well as media outlets who broadcast messages to the traveling public. Within the Central Oklahoma region, a TMC will bring together various transportation stakeholders, multi-modal interests (transit, bicycle and pedestrian), and publicly funded service providers (first responders, transit, refuse, snow plow, etc.) to focus efforts towards a regional transportation system with increased communication and incident planning capabilities.

The workshop will address how to establish, fund and maintain a TMC, as well as the opportunity a TMC presents for regional data gathering and analysis for future congestion management and safety projects.

The date and location of the workshop will be announced in Spring 2014.

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