The Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG), the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for Central Oklahoma, adopted the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) at its November 18, 2021, Policy meeting. The ACOG Board of Directors endorsed the plan.

Encompass 2045 is the long-range transportation plan for the region and provides a guide for investing more than $10 billion in its multimodal transportation system between 2015 and 2045.

The MTP sets priorities for Central Oklahoma’s transportation system and includes both policy recommendations and specific projects that will guide expenditure of the region’s limited transportation dollars.

In addition, Encompass 2045:

  • Provides updated regional transportation planning goals and objectives
  • Establishes population and employment projections through 2045
  • Analyzes the existing transportation system, future networks, and land use scenarios
  • Identifies current and future multimodal transportation needs
  • Offers a financial strategy to ensure that the adopted plan is affordable

“Central Oklahoma has experienced significant growth over the past decade,” said Mark Sweeney, Executive Director, ACOG. “We believe this trend will continue and many more citizens and businesses will move into the region in the years to come.” This welcomed growth means more trips that will impact congestion, mobility, and our overall quality of life.”

“We must earnestly look ahead and plan for suitable mobility options including improved roadways, transit services, and bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.”

Encompass 2045 was developed over the past five years in coordination with member communities, the Central Oklahoma Transportation and Parking Authority (COTPA), Norman Transit, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT), the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority (OTA), Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Federal Transit Administration (FTA), and numerous stakeholders.

An overview of the Encompass 2045 Draft Plan Summary was presented to the Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG), Intermodal Transportation Technical Committee (ITTC), and Intermodal Transportation Policy Committee (ITPC) for their review. The Draft Plan Summary was also shared with stakeholders and the public during four public outreach events held in October and November, and through various social media and blog posts. In addition, the Plan was released for a public review and comment period, which ran from Monday, October 11 to Friday, November 12, 2021.

Staff Contacts

John M. Sharp

Deputy Director

Jennifer Sebesta

TPS Division Manager

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