ACOG is pleased to announce an additional service to our member governments: grant preparation and grant administration.

Over the 55-year history of ACOG, as a regional planning organization, it has delivered limited assistance to its local governments on grant applications. “With our new grant writing and administration services, ACOG can now prepare an entire grant application or fully administer an awarded grant on behalf of a local government or organization,” Mark W. Sweeney, AICP, ACOG Executive Director said.

ACOG will continue to assist and support its local entities with grant funding questions and provide advice as a benefit of being a dues-paying member.

“This represents a higher level of service beyond the scope of our normal member assistance and we’re confident this provides our local member governments an opportunity to improve their jurisdiction’s quality of life,” he said.

More information about ACOG grant services, and the fee structure can be found here.

Staff Contacts

Christopher Bluth

Interim Community & Economic Development Manager

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