2020 Census: LUCA Training Workshop

In preparation for the 2020 Census, ACOG, in partnership with the U.S. Census Bureau – Denver Region, will host a workshop on the Local Update of Census Addresses (LUCA), 8 a.m. – 12 p.m., Tuesday, October 31. Click here to register now.

What Is LUCA?

LUCA is the only opportunity prior to the 2020 Census for tribal, state, and local governments (including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico) to review and update the U.S. Census Bureau’s residential address list for their jurisdiction. The Census Bureau relies on a complete and accurate address list to reach every living quarters and associated population for inclusion in the census.

Why participate in LUCA?

  • To help ensure an accurate decennial census count in your community
  • To help the federal government distribute more than $400 billion in funds annually for infrastructure, programs, and services
  • To help your community plan for future needs

Who can participate in LUCA?

Active, functioning, legal governments can participate in LUCA. These include:

  • Federally recognized tribes with a reservation and/or off-reservation trust lands
  • States
  • Counties
  • Cities (incorporated places)
  • Townships (minor civil divisions)

For more information, contact Jennifer Sebesta, Program Coordinator, ACOG Transportation and Planning Services, (405) 234-2264 or jsebesta@acogok.org.

Staff Contact

Jennifer Sebesta
Program Coordinator





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