Grant to Assist in Developing Increased Training in Modern Energy Educational Programs

OKLAHOMA CITY — The Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG) is one of 5 recipients to be awarded an Industry Sector Partnership Grant from the Oklahoma Office of Workforce Development.

The $96,960 awarded grant monies will support the development and partnership between ACOG and local energy companies and workforce development organizations to promote accessible training in modern energy ventures for a sustainable, local workforce.

“This funding will better train Oklahoma’s workforce in modern energy with an emphasis on battery technology as well as natural gas as a ‘cleaner’ fossil fuel source of energy,” Mark W. Sweeney, AICP, ACOG Executive Director said. “The development of increased training would complement current workforce development efforts and stabilize the heavily impacted energy sector industries.”

ACOG invited 11 industry, community, and educational partners to establish a task force that will engage in dialogue and collaboration: Spiers New Technologies, OG&E, Baker Hughes, E-Locker, The Alliance for Economic Development of Oklahoma City, The Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce, Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology, The Francis Tuttle Technology Center, Oklahoma Electric Vehicle Coalition, Central Oklahoma Workforce Innovation Board and the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance.

“We want to enhance the visibility of educational programs across our four-county region that can help students develop transferable skillsets,” Sweeney said.

Over the next 12 months, ACOG will facilitate, along with its 11-member employer task force, promoting and advancing interest in modern energy, particularly battery technology course development as well as training employees.

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