Lincoln Boulevard Impacted By Capitol Tunnel Work

Capitol tunnel work to constrict traffic on northbound Lincoln Boulevard. Please allow more time to travel to the ACOG office.

According to eCapitol, the popular Oklahoma news service, Northbound Lincoln Boulevard in Oklahoma City will be reduced to one lane and realigned for approximately three months. The constriction and realignment of Lincoln Boulevard’s northbound lanes will begin Tuesday, October 16. The roadway will be reduced to one lane that will travel through the House parking lot on the east side of the Capitol, Trait Thompson, Capitol restoration project manager with the Office of Management and Enterprise Services, announced.

The House parking lot has been closed since late May when work began on the tunnel that connects the parking lot on the eastside of Lincoln Boulevard to the Capitol. The movement of the lanes will allow crews to access that portion of the tunnel that runs under Lincoln Boulevard for repairs that are part of the Capitol restoration project. The lane diversion will be in place until January 10, according to the announcement. That means the House parking lot will be inaccessible and Lincoln Boulevard constricted the week following the November 6, general election when the House and the Senate typically hold their swearing-in ceremonies, and January 8, when
the House and Senate call the 57th Legislature to order for organizational day.

The ACOG offices are located on Lincoln Boulevard. ACOG encourages stakeholders and board and committee members to allow sufficient time to deal with the three-month, one-lane reduction.

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