Oklahoma City is in the process of phasing in the next generation of traffic signals that allow protected and permissive left turns from dedicated left turn lanes.

These new left turn traffic signals include a “flashing yellow arrow” which indicate to drivers that they can make a permissive left turn if there is no oncoming traffic or pedestrians.  To date, more than a dozen intersections have these new signals and more are being installed in appropriate intersections across the City.

The new left turn traffic signals include a “flashing yellow arrow” along with the new standard for the red light in left turn lanes, the steady red arrow light, along with the steady yellow arrow and steady green arrow, which have been in use for years.

The new standard for protected left turn signals was included in the 2009 edition of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, adopted by the state in 2012. This type of  control gives left turning traffic more opportunities to pass through an intersection than its predecessor, which was the solid steady green “ball” signal. The ball signal will continue to be used at locations where protected/permissive left turns are provided where there is no dedicated left turn lane.

The new flashing yellow arrow left turn signals are already in use at these intersections:

  • N Walker Avenue & W Reno Avenue
  • N Hudson Avenue & W Reno Avenue
  • N Robinson Avenue & W Reno Avenue
  • N E.K. Gaylord & W Reno Avenue
  • N Hudson Avenue & W Sheridan Avenue
  • N Robinson Avenue & W Sheridan Avenue
  • N E. K. Gaylord & W Sheridan Avenue
  • N May Avenue & NW 52nd Street
  • Lake Hefner Parkway & NW 63rd Street
  • N Portland Avenue & NW 63rd Street
  • St Clair & NW 63rd Street
  • N Shartel Avenue & NW 63rd Street
  • N County Line Road & W Hefner Road

To better demonstrate and explain the new traffic lights, Oklahoma City is referring citizens to the following video:


For more, see the City of Oklahoma City’s website and full press release.

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