Association of Central Oklahoma Governments Documentary Film Screening Joins Movement to Make Our Streets Safer for Pedestrians & Cyclists


Film debut in Oklahoma City on Thursday, October 12, 2023

Bicycling and pedestrian fatalities in the United States are skyrocketing. The National Safety Council reports that 1,260 bicyclists were killed in 2020, an increase of 16% from 2019 and an increase of 44% over the past 10 years. According to estimates from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration just released in May, cycling fatalities rose another 5% in 2021.

On October 12, 2023, the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG) is hosting a new documentary screened at the Metropolitan Library System – Ronald J. Norick Downtown Library at 300 Park Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73102 from 6:00 P.M. to 7:30 P.M. The Street Project will highlight the global, citizen-led fight to make our streets safer.

Created by the multiple Emmy-winning team at Boyd Productions, The Street Project takes viewers across the globe in an uplifting narrative, from cycling-friendly meccas in Europe, to New York City and Phoenix, Arizona – one of the most dangerous cities in America for pedestrians – for a deep dive into how America views our streets and how they can be made safer.

Four years in the making, The Street Project looks at how we got here, including the history of street use and how it has changed, what makes effective street design, how the automobile changed the way we use our streets, the misguided use of victim blaming (jaywalking), the impact of zoning laws on street transportation, and much more.

“We all share the responsibility of keeping our roads safe. Each year, about 750 pedestrians and 325 bicyclists are hit by cars on Oklahoma roadways, leading to serious injuries and fatalities,” John Sharp, ACOG Deputy Director said. “That’s one reason why we’re excited to screen The Safety Project. This film emphasizes responsibility among all road users, and implementing measures to ensure the safety of those who travel by foot.”

Following the free screening, engage in a dynamic 15–30-minute dialogue with leading experts in urban planning, public health, law enforcement, and city governance and gain invaluable insights into pivotal decisions and actionable strategies aimed at creating safer streets for everyone.

“America’s streets started out as bicycle and pedestrian friendly, however, the advent of the car-culture changed everything,” said the film’s Director/Executive Producer Jennifer Boyd. “More recently, we have experienced a reawakening of sorts, due to the massive spike in fatalities, the pandemic lockdowns that forced our communities to rethink how they use their streets, as well as the passing of the 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act which makes the safety of all users, including cyclists and pedestrians, a priority. We created The Street Project to raise awareness that cars, pedestrians, and cyclists can coexist, and that we need to examine our history so we can create a future with better alternatives.”

The Street Project is A Boyd Productions film. Director/Executive Producer: Jennifer Boyd; Producer/Writer: Lindsay Thompson; Director of Photography: Joseph Brunette; Editor/Writer: Chad Ervin; Composer: Michael Bacon, Motion Design & Animation: Rena Debortoli & George Sherman.

Major funding for The Street Project is by Travelers, with additional major funding by GM and 3M.

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