On Tuesday night, Spokies and Downtown OKC, Inc. kicked off their Downtown Bike Tours with a Food and Wine Tour.  Participants were treated to free food and wine from Peleton Wine Bar and Cafe, Red Prime Steakhouse and The Mantel Wine Bar and Bistro.   Bikes provided by Spokies were used to travel to each restaurant and to show how bicycling can be used as a form of transportation.  Those who participated were able to learn, first hand, about how to safely ride a bike downtown.

The Mantel Downtown OKC Spokies Bike Share

Participants of the Food and Wine Downtown Bike Tour gather outside of The Mantel. Photo: Downtown OKC, Inc.

Since free food and wine was served on this tour, it was limited to 30 people and filled up quickly.  However, the next four rides will be open to anyone that is interested in joining.  Those needing a Spokies bike will still have to register to claim one of the 30 bikes that will be available, but riders can bring their own bikes if they are unavailable.

The tours are held every Tuesday in October and cover a wide range of topics from Downtown Living, to city parks and even a Ghost Stories Tour for Halloween.  A full list of the tours can be found below:

For more information and to reserve a space visit Downtown OKC, Inc. or call 405.235.3500.

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