If you should happen to be at Penn Square Mall in Oklahoma City this summer, be sure to mosey on to the food court and check out our awesome “floating square.”

This is our latest creative venture in advertising as part of our seasonal air quality public education program. The square of clean air is a metaphor and symbol that helps promote discretionary habits to incorporate into our daily lives and extol the health benefits of clean air.

Our marketing partners at Third Degree Advertising worked with PSM staff to come up with the idea. Along with window pane wraps around the balcony, the square directs the curious to our clean air website at www.GetSquare.org.

The giant blue square is almost like a work by Christo. It’s simple, yet impactful. The beauty of art is that everyone’s opinion is valid. One can say that it’s just a vinyl square hanging from a balcony. Another might say that it’s a new way to look at an open space at the mall, or a new avenue to interpret the space. From the ground floor looking up, you can see through it, and the windows above. From the second floor, it frames the subjects for people watchers.

Our intent was to do something different. This is considered out of home advertising, which is what billboards are classified. Anyone can do billboards, but not everyone can do a mall!

We’ve worked with PSM before. A few years ago, we experimented with some floor clings at key foot traffic spots. The mall gets over half a million visitors during the back to school shopping season. Stop by, give it a look, and let us know your reaction.

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