Two New Bicycle Travel Laws Go Into Effect November 1

On November 1, 2019 two new traffic laws pertaining to Oklahoma bicyclist will take effect.

  1. Proceed through a red light when safe – Bicyclist can now cautiously proceed through a red light when the cyclist has come to a complete stop and is not detected by the sensors. Bicyclist may cross the intersection when there is no hazard from oncoming traffic. HB2454 / 47 O.S., Section 11-202 (summarized)
  2. Safe passing of a cyclist when traveling in the same direction – If there is more than one lane for traffic traveling in the same direction, motorist must fully move to the left lane – when safe to do so – to pass a bicyclist. If there is no more than one lane traveling in the same direction, motorist must provide at least 3 feet of space between the vehicle and the bicycle when passing. HB2453 / 47 O.S., Section 11-1208 (summarized)

These laws will help make cycling a safer and more enjoyable form of transportation. Such activity promotes healthy lifestyles, encourages local economic development, and can reduce congestion and air pollution.

For information on how ACOG supports bicycle transportation in Central Oklahoma, click here.

Staff Contacts

Jose Jimenez
TPS Planner I - Safety

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