Each year 9-1-1 ACOG has its addressing and map data audited by an outside firm to determine the accuracy level of the data used to route 9-1-1 calls.  In this audit, a comparison is done between individual records of every wireline phone in the ACOG region, the Master Street Address Guide (MSAG), and the GIS map data created in-house for call routing.  For the fourth year in a row, the accuracy level maintained by 9-1-1 ACOG has exceeded the national standard.

The audit results were as follows:

Street / Road Ranges (MSAG) Review: 99.77% accuracy
9-1-1 Database (Customer) Records to MSAG: 99.94% accuracy
9-1-1 Database (Customer) Records to GIS Data: 98.34% accuracy

The full report can be found at 2013 GIS Data Audit.

The minimum national accuracy standard set by the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) is 98% . 9-1-1 ACOG’s accuracy rate exceeds this standard once again.  “Our staff is dedicated to achieving the highest standards possible. Accuracy 9-1-1 data is of the utmost importance when people’s lives are on the line. We will continue to strive to provide excellent 9-1-1 service to the citizens of central Oklahoma” , said Steve Willoughby, ACOG’s 9-1-1 & Public Safety Director.  For complete audit results, click here.

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