ACOG MPO Technical Committee

Technical review and guidance for the ACOG MPO planning programs are provided by the ACOG MPO Technical Committee. This committee is generally comprised of city planners, city engineers and traffic managers, and also includes representatives of various modes, environmental agencies, the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority, ODOT and the federal transportation agencies. The ACOG MPO Technical Committee makes recommendations to the ACOG MPO Policy Committee concerning adoption and approval of all transportation plans and programs, such as the Unified Planning Work Program, the long-range transportation plan, and the Transportation Improvement Program. The ACOG MPO Technical Committee also monitors the performance of the regional transportation system and recommends policy changes to the Policy Committee to improve system performance.

Staff Contacts

John M. Sharp

Deputy Director

Jennifer Sebesta

TPS Division Manager

Gwen Gordon

Administrative Assistant

Beverly K. Garner

Executive Assistant

ACOG MPO Technical Committee Bylaws

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