All local government members of ACOG contribute annual dues that enable them to serve on and be involved in selected policy committees, support regional planning and coordination activities, and receive technical and administrative services in those areas. Similar to the weighted vote system of the Board of Directors, basic dues are based upon population levels.

Contracts, Appropriations

In addition, state appropriations and federal and state contracts provide financial support for the performance of special projects and to supplement the technical assistance and intergovernmental efforts of the Association. Examples of projects undertaken by ACOG through federal and state contracts include regional transportation planning, groundwater research, wastewater management planning, and technical assistance to local governments.

Staff Contacts

Deborah C. Cook, CPA

Finance Director

Pam Gaither

Payroll Accountant

Robin McDonald

Accounting Administrative Assistant

Rigorous Annual Audit

ACOG develops an annual (fiscal year) budget and work program of its services. The Association also undergoes a rigorous comprehensive annual audit that is performed by an independent auditor that complies with Government Auditing Standards. As a government association, ACOG honors the Oklahoma Open Records Act, the Freedom of Information Act and the Electronic Freedom of Information Act.

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