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9-1-1 ACOG is one of the largest 9-1-1 systems in Oklahoma and provides suburban communities in Central Oklahoma a highly complex, state-of-the-art, Enhanced 9-1-1 (E9-1-1) system. Among these enhanced features is our use of a wide-area-network (WAN). This WAN connects all 20 dispatch locations together on one data network. 9-1-1 ACOG was one of the first 9-1-1 systems in the nation to utilize this feature. The WAN is cost efficient and provides connectivity needed for the future of Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1).

Continuing with our tradition of staying on the leading edge of technology, in 2011, 9-1-1 ACOG installed one of the first Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) 9-1-1 systems in the state. This technology enhances the 9-1-1 system’s ability to adapt to changes and positions the region for NG9-1-1.

9-1-1 ACOG works with other 9-1-1 organizations on a national level to develop the ability to address the public’s expectation of new technology. Advanced features in phone services, such as multimedia capabilities (text messaging, photos and videos), currently cannot access 9-1-1 but someday will, and 9-1-1 ACOG will be ready to deliver that information to emergency responders.

For more information on 9-1-1 technology and NG9-1-1 visit:

Staff Contacts

Tanner Jones

911 GIS Manager

Rachel Phillips

911 GIS Specialist II

Rayyan Aldossary

911 GIS Specialist I

Giovanni Penna

911 GIS Specialist II

9-1-1 GIS


Geographical Information Systems (GIS) provide critical tools used by 9-1-1 call-takers to locate callers.    9-1-1 ACOG collaborates with communities in Central Oklahoma to ensure map data is updated regularly so that the most current information is available to process 9-1-1 calls accurately and promptly. To achieve this, 9-1-1 ACOG GIS staff coordinates with its member entities to ensure the map data contains the most up-to-date data for the dispatchers to use.


Authority is granted by the Logan and Cleveland County Commissioners for 9-1-1 ACOG to be responsible for assigning addresses in the unincorporated parts of the two counties. Addresses are given to both private citizens and developers. In order to process an address request, a legal description or survey of the property is necessary.

Public Access

As 9-1-1 ACOG was developed with public funds, and in accordance with the Oklahoma Open Records Act, data is made available to the public. For this to happen, 9-1-1 ACOG has partnered with the University of Oklahoma’s Center for Spatial Analysis to allow for easy public access to the regional GIS mapping data. This publicly accessible web portal allows the public, as well as those communities that make up the Association, to access the data in an easily usable format.

Addressing Contacts

Tanner Jones: 911 GIS Manager, 405.234.2264
Rachel Phillips: 911 GIS Specialist II, 405.234.2264


Download form that will help ACOG assign your 9-1-1 address.

Download the MSAG form.

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