Joint Land Use Study

ACOG served as the project sponsor for the JLUS
that was completed in July 2008 on behalf of
Tinker Air Force Base and several community partners.

Air Installation Compatible Use Zone Study (AICUZ)

Tinker Air Force Base (TAFB) released its latest Air Installation Compatible Use Zone (AICUZ) study in January 2007. An AICUZ study identifies noise contours resulting from base operations, and identifies clear and accident potential zones (APZ) including recommended land uses within the APZs.

The previous AICUZ study was released in 1998. Conducted by the Department of Defense (DoD), the 2007 study incorporates many changes at TAFB from the prior decade, such as an increase in operations, revised flight tracks and improvements to the modeling programs used to define the noise contours.

Recommendations of the AICUZ encourage impacted communities and entities near the base, including Choctaw, Del City , Midwest City , Nicoma Park , Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County , Spencer and Cleveland County to consider local accommodations for future development. Considerations may include modification of building codes related to noise, future land use restrictions within the APZs, height and obstruction ordinances and continual communication with TAFB administration.


While the AICUZ is the technical basis for planning and evaluation of existing and future land use recommended by the Air Force, a Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) provides the conduit for a cooperative planning effort between TAFB and the affected entities. The focus of the JLUS is to protect the communities as well as address encroachment threats to the base that could hamper its mission and viability.

ACOG served as the project sponsor for the JLUS that was completed in July 2008 on behalf of Tinker AFB and the community partners. Subsequently, the study partners have continued to meet quarterly in order to maintain communication on JLUS implementation activities and development issues near Tinker AFB. New partners include the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber and the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission.

Defending Oklahoma's Future

Tinker Air Force Base Join Land Use Study (PDF) (September 2008)


Air Installation Compatible Use Zone Study, Citizens’ Brochure (2006)

JLUS Communication Group Partners

Association of Central Oklahoma Governments, Study Sponsor

U.S. Department of Defense, Office of Economic Adjustment, Project Manager

Midwest City

Del City

Oklahoma City



Nicoma Park
Oklahoma County

Cleveland County

Oklahoma Strategic Military Planning Commission
Tinker Air Force Base

Greater Oklahoma City Chamber

Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission

B52 Ellsworth to Tinker Air Fore Base

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