Regional Crash Analysis and Travel Time Data

Although fatal and serious traffic accidents occur throughout the region, some streets and intersections have been found to have higher than average death and injury crash rates. Every five years, ACOG compiles a Regional Crash Data Analysis to pinpoint accident hotspots, as well as multi-year temporal and spatial patterns that provide valuable information to decision makers in need of prioritizing intersection improvements and congestion mitigation projects.

Data for the analysis is provided by the Statewide Analysis for Engineering & Technology.

Travel Time Data

Much like the traffic information displayed on mapping services like Google Maps, travel time data describes traffic speed on important routes in the region’s transportation network. Typically collected anonymously from smart phones and other GPS-enabled devices, this data can give a much more detailed snapshot of regional traffic than static traffic counters. While some counters are capable of recording both speed and volume, the crowd-sourced nature of this data means that it inherently gives us coverage of the entire region.

ACOG is currently working with providers to obtain historical travel time data and related analysis tools. With this data, the agency primarily hopes to strengthen its analysis of congested corridors as part of its Congestion Management Plan (CMP), but other applications abound.

Staff Contacts

Jennifer Sebesta

TPS Division Manager

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