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The Rural Economic Action Plan (REAP) is essential to providing Oklahoma communities with populations under 7,000, the opportunity to improve their infrastructure and quality of life. The Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG), as administrator of REAP funds in Central Oklahoma, will distribute $2.7 million to communities in Canadian, Cleveland, Logan, and Oklahoma Counties in 2024.

ACOG, as a regional Council of Governments, is the state appointed agency to distribute its equal share of the $30 million the Oklahoma Department of Commerce allocated for the REAP Program.

“ACOG is excited to distribute such an unparalleled amount of funds to our smaller communities in Central Oklahoma,” Christopher Bluth, ACOG Community & Economic Development Manager, said.

During the 2023 Legislative Session, Oklahoma lawmakers allocated $30 million to the Oklahoma Department of Commerce for the REAP program.  In FY 2024, as the distributor of REAP funding for the Central Oklahoma region, ACOG will distribute an unprecedented $2.7 million to communities in Canadian, Cleveland, Logan, and Oklahoma counties.

REAP grants require no match and may fund projects such as road and street construction or repair, drainage projects, rural highway improvements, county bridge construction or repair, industrial access road construction or repair, among other specific transportation projects.

Need the Capital to Start Your REAP Project?  NEW this year, ACOG is offering ADVANCED PAYMENT – and may pay in advance 25% of the total grant award. This is a onetime payment designed to be a direct assistance to communities and is permitted at the discretion of the ACOG Executive Director.

REAP grants may include improvements in rural water quality, rural solid waste disposal or treatment, rural sanitary sewer construction or upgrades, provision of rural health care services (including emergency medical care), telecommunications improvements, projects that increase employment levels, and municipal energy distribution system improvements.

To receive 10 points on your REAP application, ACOG encourages communities to attend the REAP Workshops held on September 12 and 21 at 2 p.m. at the ACOG office. 

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