Air Quality Small Grant Program

Air Quality Small Grant Program

The Air Quality Small Grant Program at the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG) seeks to improve air quality in Central Oklahoma by reducing reliance on single-occupancy vehicle trips. Small transportation infrastructure projects and transit improvements as well as projects focused on congestion relief efforts are all eligible. Examples of eligible projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Bicycle racks, repair stations, and signage
  • Pedestrian signage and pavement markings
  • Sidewalks and bicycle lanes
  • New transit facilities such as lines, stations, stops, and terminals
  • Traffic signalization projects
  • Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) projects
  • Traffic calming measures

Criteria and Eligibility

Projects eligible for the program can be no less than $50,000, and must be paramount to the Congestion Mitigation & Air Quality (CMAQ) Improvement Program and/or Carbon Reduction Program (CRP). Applicants are required to generate 20 percent of their proposed project budget through local, non-federal funds.

According to Jennifer Sebesta, Division Manager, ACOG Transportation Planning Services Division, a set of evaluation criteria was developed in 2018, to assist in the selection process. “ACOG transportation staff will review the grant applications and the applications will be graded on factors including the grant’s potential to meet stated goals of the program,” she said.

Applicants must be located within the boundaries of the Central Oklahoma Transportation Management Area (TMA), and may include:

  • ACOG MPO member local governments (towns, cities, and counties)
  • Transit agencies
  • Public school districts, public schools, or public universities (with support from local municipality)
  • Tribal governments

For more information, contact Hannah Nolen at 405.234.2264.

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