The ACOG 208 Plan

Local governments typically request technical assistance on topics such as determination of sewage effluent standards for NPDES permits and water treatment analyses. Other activities affecting surface water that the Division provides technical guidance on include investigation of pollution problems, floodplain management and solid waste and hazardous waste activities.

The Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendments of 1972 and 1977, commonly referred to as the Clean Water Act, established the nation’s goals and responsibilities for cleaning up our waters and included language which provided for water quality management planning on a regional basis. Section 208 of the Act specifies that the planning will be done in all regions of the country, either by the responsible State or a designated regional planning agency. Consequently, the affected local governments in Central Oklahoma entered into agreements for the coordinated water quality management planning and implementation effort to be conducted by ACOG. With the 208 area wide planning designation comes the responsibility of regional planning and implementation. The development and recommendation of water quality classifications and standards and the coordination of a regional monitoring effort are important aspects of the program. ACOG reviews and makes recommendations on new and expanded facility site applications and on proposed legislation and regulations dealing with water quality. The Association can also assist with special studies to solve specific problems.

Surface Water Projects

Staff Contacts

John Harrington, P.G., CFM

Water Resources Director

Anita Kroth

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Services

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