Traffic Counts

The ACOG traffic count database system for the Oklahoma City Area Regional Transportation Study (OCARTS) area allows users to explore, research, and analyze traffic count data along a specific street, county road, state or US highway within Central Oklahoma. The counts are presented on a user-friendly interactive map of the OCARTS area. The goal is to systematically collect traffic volume data on key links on the OCARTS Plan network to be used for data analysis for transportation research or land use and development.

ACOG’s comprehensive traffic counting program is based on one and two-year cycles. Oklahoma City, Norman and Edmond traffic counts are assigned to the municipalities in alternating locations based on a two-year period. Traffic counts for smaller entities, such as Midwest City and Moore are collected in the same location annually by the consulting firm Traffic Engineering Consultants. Each entity uploads the counter data information directly to the ACOG traffic count database system, where it is automatically available to the public.

ACOG staff works in cooperation with member local governments to identify new or redundant traffic count locations to ensure the municipalities have proper counter coverage in their city. The traffic count program will continue to provide accurate counter information and data analysis resources across the OCARTS region.

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) traffic counts are also available on the ACOG traffic count data base system. ODOT collects traffic count data on a triennial basis primarily on the highway system and in rural areas. Visit the ODOT Traffic Count Information System for more information about ODOT traffic counts.

The traffic count website is a product developed by Midwestern Software Solutions and maintained by ACOG staff.

Staff Contacts

Jennifer Sebesta

TPS Division Manager

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