9-1-1 ACOG and Central Oklahoma's Kids

9-1-1 ACOG partners with schools throughout Central Oklahoma in an effort to teach school-aged children about how to call 9-1-1. A variety of materials are available including coloring books, pencils, crayons, stickers and 9-1-1 pledge cards.

Teaching Schools Kids How To Call 9-1-1

Teaching children how to call 9-1-1 can be a valuable lesson. Understanding how to call  9-1-1 and the types of information the 9-1-1 dispatcher will need to know to offer assistance can be even more valuable. The information needed by the call taker goes beyond the phone number and address.

9-1-1 ACOG provides 9-1-1 services to Canadian, Cleveland, Logan and Oklahoma Counties. We strive to maintain an excellent emergency service to assure the safety of all citizens.

What Is 9-1-1?

The three-digit telephone number “9-1-1” has been designated as the “Universal Emergency Number,” for citizens throughout the United States to request emergency assistance. It is intended as a nationwide telephone number and gives the public fast and easy access to a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP).

Staff Contact

Lysa Baker
9-1-1 Public Education Coordinator

Birthday Party, Santa Fe Family Life Center, Oklahoma City

9-1-1 Cell Phone Calls

One service 9-1-1 ACOPG provides is free public education. We attend many events including public safety fairs, children’s events and health fairs. We also come to schools to speak to children in pre-school through 2nd grade. We will teach them how and when to use 9-1-1 and what to expect when they call. Information is also provided for the children to take home to their parents.

Some of the information that we provide includes:

  • Various ways to dial 9-1-1 on different types of phones
  • 9-1-1 is for people emergencies only
  • 9-1-1 is the number to call for police, fire and medical emergencies
  • When calling 9-1-1 on a wireless phone your address is not available to the call taker.

Cell Phone Sally

Created and sponsored by the Texas Commission on State Emergency Communications, 9-1-1 ACOG has been given permission to utilize and share this innovative education campaign to inform people of the limitations of cellular phones when making a 9-1-1 call.

Cell Phone Sally’s message will encourage people to verify their cellular phone number, as well as to identify landmarks when making a cellular 9-1-1 call, in order to ensure that emergency response arrives at the correct location.

This program is currently being presented to children in Pre-K through 2nd grade.

The 9-1-1 ACOG public education team is dedicated to providing quality education about 9-1-1 and public safety programs to all age groups and is available to attend your group meeting or function upon request.

For more information contact Lysa Baker, 9-1-1 Education Coordinator at (405) 234-2264 orlbaker@acogok.org.

Visit us on Facebook for more 9-1-1 tips: http://www.facebook.com/911ACOG

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