Through the use of two new mapping services, ACOG has greatly enhanced its ability to provide dynamic maps and data to both member local governments and the public at large.

ACOG serves as a clearinghouse of regional data and these new tools – GoMaps and ArcGIS Online – tremendously streamline the process of generating interactive maps from a wealth of data and informational assets.

In this first of two entries, ACOG’s new tools will be discussed as to how they not only enhance ACOG’s geographic information system (GIS) capacity but also put ACOG’s regional data in the hands of local governments and citizens alike.


Created through a partnership with ROK Technologies, Inc., GoMaps is an online application that consolidates transportation, land use, public safety, urban planning data and aerial photography into one GIS resource. Developed using ArcGIS, GoMaps features a range of tools that allow users to utilize ACOG data to build and share their own maps using any variety of the available layers including regional transit routes; bike routes; traffic counts; fire, law enforcement and ambulance service areas; school districts; municipal boundaries and snow routes.

Not only does GoMaps allow users to toggle data layers to create custom maps, but users can also extract and download data in varying formats – including shapefiles – for greater flexibility and use across other platforms. In addition, the application is loaded with interactive tools that allow users to create custom feature selections or queries using the parcel or address search features.

You can find ACOG’s GoMaps application at

If you have a chance, let us know what you think of the application or how you are using it in the comments section below or by emailing Darla Hugaboom at

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