Due to inclement weather our groundwater seminar has been postponed to a warmer month – March!

ACOG and PEC will host the groundwater seminar on March 13 – at new time and place.  Hopefully we will be pass the prospects of subzero wind chill and icy roads by that time!  For those of you who signed up, please check with Jim Roberts at PEC (James.Roberts@pec1.com) to reconfirm your reservation on March 13.

For those of you who were thinking about signing up, we have moved the venue over to Oklahoma History Center.  So there should be plenty of seats for all!

Nearly half of all water used in Oklahoma is groundwater. Drought, tightening regulations, population growth and increased competition for the same or limited water resources are forcing communities to be more strategic in the management of their existing supplies. The good news is that help is available.

The Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG) and Professional Engineering Consultants, P.A. (PEC) are sponsoring a free one-day workshop on March 13 to show how geoscience professionals can help communities and public water suppliers effectively exploit, develop and manage their groundwater resources.

The role that geology plays in the development of groundwater resources is not well understood or is overlooked. The purpose of this workshop is to inform groundwater stakeholders about the role that geology can play in helping to exploit, develop and manage Oklahoma’s groundwater resources.

Topics to be covered include: new technologies in water exploration, why getting good data is important, the water future of Oklahoma, why groundwater models are important, drilling high capacity water wells, and aquifer storage and recovery.

Please join us for a day of discovery and open dialogue to learn more about the role of a “Rock Doctor” in the groundwater world. You may register online here;  for more information, contact John Harrington at jharrington@acogok.org.

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