Fourth and fifth grade students from across the state participated in ScienceFest 2019 at the Oklahoma State Fair Park on Thursday, May 2.

ScienceFest is a day of interactive Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), and life sciences activities held annually and is designed to foster scientific literacy, while educating children about protecting the environment, conserving natural resources, and using alternative fuels and technologies.

The Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG) participates in ScienceFest every year and was integral in its founding nearly 20 years ago.

Ozone Land, a game designed by ACOG staff members Angela Hankins, Phillip Schroeder, and Eric Pollard educated students on the Air Quality Index modeled after the board game Candy Land. After students, teachers, and parents participated in the game, they were given information about Ozone Alerts. “It is important that we educate everyone on air quality.  When our air quality is poor, it has a greater effect on those with asthma, respiratory issues, children, and the elderly,” said Eric Pollard, ACOG Clean Cities Manager.

John Harrington, ACOG’s Director of the Garber-Wellington Aquifer Program, educated students on detention basins and porous pavements through a hands-on exhibit.  “ScienceFest is always great. It provides the students an opportunity to think about stormwater and how to prevent flooding in communities. The exhibit was a big hit with the kids. A lot of water was spilled in the process, but there was a lot of laughter and learning.”

This year sponsors of ScienceFest include the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality, OG&E Energy Corp., Keep Oklahoma Beautiful, and Frontiers of Science Foundation.

Above: Ozone Land, a game designed by ACOG staff members Angela Hankins, Phillip Schroeder, and Eric Pollard. Right: ACOG staff member John Harrington educates students on detention basins and porous pavements.

Staff Contacts

Angela Hankins
Special Programs Officer 

John Harrington, P.G., CFM
Water Resources Division Director

Eric Pollard
Clean Cities Manager

(405) 234-2264

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