United Way Pacesetter Games

ACOG staff recently participate in the Pacesetter Games for United Way of Central Oklahoma.



Staff members from the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments recently participated in the 2017 United Way of Central Oklahoma Pacesetter Games. As a Pacesetter organization, ACOG helped set the momentum for others in the region to follow as United Way looks toward their annual campaign this fall. Last year, Pacesetter organizations contributed nearly 25 percent of all United Way of Central Oklahoma dollars raised.

Currently, ACOG is gearing up for the region-wide annual campaign kickoff on September 15, at the Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark, Oklahoma City. For more information, contact info [at] unitedwayokc [dot] org.

Mini Fundraisers

Prior to United Way’s kickoff, ACOG staff members have planned several internal mini-events to raise money for the agency. This year’s United Way team include Tanner Jones, Shelby Templin and Angela Hankins. Together, the three have organized several activities for the week of July 31-August 4. They include a pancake breakfast; bake sale; United Way agency tours; scavenger hunt; chili cook-off; backpack bingo; miniature golf; popcorn sale; pizza sale; candy-jar guess; parking spot raffle; casual days and a T-shirt sale.

Conrad Aaron

David Heald

Tanner Jones

John Sharp

Shelby Templin

Kathryn Wenger

Angela Hankins

Eric Pollard

Jim Anderson

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