[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mp394o1vXfI]We wrapped up our United Way Pacesetter week last week (August 16-20). The week kicked off with the launch of our cruise ship, the S.S. ACOG. We were joined by Heather Elmenhorst, our campaign representative from the United Way of Central Oklahoma, and Kelli Dupuy, director of marketing and development for Sunbeam Family Services. Later that day, we played bingo in the ship’s ballroom.

On Tuesday, we visited the Boys and Girls Club of Oklahoma City and were very impressed with their new facility. We got back to the ship and played putt-putt on deck. Wednesday, we set up Rock Band on the Wii, and ran through a few Beatles songs. Thursday, we played “Catch Phrase,” which is an electronic word and phrase guessing party game. Things got heated, but we played two full round-robin games and wound up with two winners.

Finally, on Friday, we had our big coming home party and we brought the ship into port and celebrated with our annual, traditional chili cook-off. Bob Spinks, president and CEO of United Way of Central Oklahoma, joined us for the fiesta. The week capped off with our Rock Band playoff and two rousing and hilarious cakewalks.

We played musical chairs for a cake, and it’s amazing what some people will do for some sweet chocolate. Here, in the video above, our newest employee, GIS specialist Ryan Poots, refuses to “Walk Like an Egyptian,” despite the goading from the cakewalk D.J. In the end, Poots won the cake, so maybe rhythm wasn’t needed. All told, it was a great cruise, as we had a lot of fun and raised funds for a wonderful organization that serves our region in many ways.

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