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Town of Calumet Adopts New CIP Plan Materials

In August, the Town of Calumet Board of Trustees voted 4-0 to adopt a new Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). This represents acknowledgment of a five-year outlook on capital improvements for the Central Oklahoma town. Initially partnered on this CIP project in 2015, Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG) CIP and Calumet staff worked to inventory and map elements of Calumet’s public infrastructure, including:

  • Wastewater System
  • Fire Protection
  • Public Water Supply Asset

Products generated during this effort were used to inform and illustrate a selection of proposed actions comprising the plan’s capital improvement recommendations for the Town. In addition, provision of appropriate training, mobile GPS hardware and GIS software led to the incorporation of new asset management workflow options at Calumet.

Per this incorporation of new asset management techniques, Calumet Public Works was able to leverage a mobile GIS workflow in conjunction with a popular cloud-based GIS solution to collect roughly 600 water system field observations in the span of 3-4 weeks. These tasks were completed in addition to their regular work activities. Average mapped accuracies for water asset locations consistently fell under 5 feet, improving system maps in general, and enabling future recapture of surface structures such as valves and manhole covers which may be overgrown or otherwise out-of-view in the field.

ACOG CIP regards this recent Calumet Capital Improvement Planning project as a case study in the successful application of mobile data collection and organizational teamwork towards advances in asset management and capital planning for municipalities.

We Would Like to Thank:

  • Jill Ray, City Clerk and Nicole Atkinson in the administration office for their tireless coordination effort ultimately enabling this project to meet its goals.
  • Bruce Wallace, Jeff Miller and Johnny Sanchez at Calumet Public Works. Their knack for quickly absorbing and utilizing mobile GIS technology was vital to this project.
  • Chief Brian Huckabee, Calumet Police and Terry Brungardt, Calumet Fire Department for equipment inventorying efforts.
  • Mayor Lacey Rowell for setting the tone for accessibility and communication in public office. Mayor Rowell’s help could be counted on in short notice.


Funded by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Community Development Block Grant Program, ACOG CIP is honored to help sustain the 26-year tradition of Capital Improvement Planning in Central Oklahoma, in partnership with the Oklahoma Department of Commerce and our member communities. We are committed to the improvement of Central Oklahoma’s public infrastructure through effective capital planning. If you or your community is interested in CIP grant opportunities or associated services, please feel free to contact us, or review our program summary.


Jim Anderson 
405-234-2264 ex:140

Staff Contact

Jim Anderson
Capital Improvement Plans Program Manager
(405) 234-2264, ext. 140

ACOG At Work In Calumet

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