CDBG-REAP Grants Deadline: March 31

ACOG Can Help You With CDBG-REAP

Staff members in the Public Relations and Community Development Division at ACOG are available to provide technical assistance on CDBG-REAP grants to qualified member entities. Funding is available through the Oklahoma Department of Commerce (ODOC). The new deadline for ACOG member entities is March 31. Please contact Barbara Hurdman, Special Programs Officer, as soon as possible to discuss your project, (405) 234-2264, or email her at

Click here to access the FY 2018 CDBG-REAP application guidelines from ODOC. In addition, the Indian Nations Council of Governments (INCOG) has published a helpful handbook for member governments on the Tulsa County Urban County CDBG program, which ACOG members may find beneficial.

Staff Contacts

Barbara Hurdman
Special Programs Officer
PR & Community Development

(405) 234-2264

March 2018 EconGrants News from ACOG

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