Town of Goldsby Joins ACOG

At the February 25 ACOG Board of Directors meeting, the Town of Goldsby was accepted into ACOG membership with a unanimous vote.

The Town of Goldsby voted on February 4 to join ACOG and the Garber-Wellington Association Policy Committee and submitted a signed Resolution.

Goldsby is currently a member of the Intermodal Transportation Policy Committee (ITPC) and believe their geographic proximity within Central Oklahoma and the many opportunities and benefits of ACOG membership will greatly enhance their community & citizens.

Due to the fact that the Town of Goldsby is located in McClain County and outside of ACOG’s four-county boundary, an affirmative vote by the Board is required in order to admit the Town of Goldsby into the Association.

Goldsby Mayor Glenn Berglan will represent his town as ACOG Delegate with Town Trustee Russ McReynolds serving as ACOG Alternate.

Staff Contacts

Rachel Meinke
Public Information Director

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