Get in the #KNOWZONE: Commit to Cleaner Air in Central Oklahoma

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Safeguarding the air we breathe is an essential job everyone can do, and your commitment means a lot. Get in the #KNOWZONE, and you’ll receive notices for Ozone Alert Days and actions you can take to help reduce ground-level ozone.

During warmer months, emissions from various transportation and energy related activities chemically react with sunlight and heat to form ground-level ozone. When conditions project the possibility of high ozone pollution in Central Oklahoma, ACOG and the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) declare an Ozone Alert Day.

Ozone pollution exposure is a health risk to the entire population but particularly sensitive are children, the elderly, anyone with respiratory or cardiovascular illnesses and anyone who experiences prolonged outdoor exposure.

Ozone Alert Days also serve to notify the public that they can reduce their contribution to dangerous ground-level ozone by driving less on those days (take public transit, carpool, delay errands, avoid drive-thru’s, avoid traffic congestion), defer mowing, avoid outdoor burning, avoid use of VOC paints and other chemicals, refuel vehicles after dark, and conserve electricity.

Central Oklahoma Ozone Alert Days are called when air pollution is expected to reach unhealthy ranges.  For a list of Ozone Alert Days since 2002, click here.

When you get in the #KNOWZONE, you give ACOG the green light to send you notices for Ozone Alert Days.

*After signing up to receive text alerts if at any time you wish to no longer receive texts from ACOG, reply STOP to 81257 to opt out. If you need assistance after receiving an OZONE alert, please type HELP to 81257 for help. Standard message and data rates apply. The Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG) respects your privacy and is committed to protecting it.  Read the Terms and Conditions here. Read the ACOG Privacy Policy here.

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Eric Pollard

Air Quality & Clean Cities Manager

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