Thanks to a generous grant provided by the Coca-Cola Foundation, the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum is conducting a water and land issues symposium every Friday in March 2014. The program titled Surviving the Elements: Land & Water Issues of the West aims to increase awareness of such issues in the American West, by focusing on stewardship and conservation.

The educational program series is focusing on the ranching, farming, agri-business sectors with real stories and discussions on such topics as land and pasture management, water usage, conservation measures, herd management, new resource preservation and enhancement strategies. The Museum aims to make an impact, be a change agent and facilitate solutions in this important Western industry.  At the center of this conversation will be the four day symposium held in March 2014 featuring world-renowned experts on the topic.

Please encourage your students, clients, customers, advocates, specialists to register and attend this one-of-a-kind event with nationally-recognized keynote speakers (the Coca-Cola grant covers price of admission; a modest $10 fee buys lunch, program collateral…) or sign-up online for streaming video.

For more information and speaker schedule, go to

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