The American National Standards Institute and the National Groundwater Association are soliciting public comment on the changes to the draft of the ANSI/NGWA-07-13 Water Well Construction Standard. Comments will be accepted through the close of business on August 25.

ANSI standards are industry-wide guidance for standard construction practices.  A “standard” is a formal technical document for generally accepted processes, procedures, and policies. These standards help to protect groundwater resources and public health by establishing a benchmark for water well construction.

The Oklahoma Water Resources Board supervises the water well industry in the state of Oklahoma.  Water well construction practices in this state are listed in Chapter 35 of the Oklahoma statutes.  State standards are often based upon the ANSI industry standards.

Among those encouraged to comment are stakeholders in the groundwater industry including contractors, regulators, scientists, engineers, suppliers, and manufacturers, as well as consumers such as private and public water well owners.

Interested parties should download the drafted amendments, as well as the comment form located at, or contact NGWA Industry Practices Administrator/Certification Coordinator Jessica Rhoads for these documents; comments will only be accepted via the approved form and must be received by e-mail, fax, or postal mail on or before 5 p.m. ET August 25.

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