Come Out To Open Streets

open streetsOpen Streets, a local health and wellness project, is scheduled for 12 to 4 p.m., Sunday, April 3.

From the Open Streets website:

We believe active transportation–like biking or walking from point A to B–promotes healthier residents with closer ties to their community.

At our events, we reclaim part of a busy street for a few hours for non-motorized activity. Everyone attending is invited to walk, bike, skate or board while they meet local business owners and celebrate the unique charm of a historic Oklahoma City neighborhood.

There’s local food and activities with wellness tips from health professionals. It looks a little like a block party, or a parade. It’s purpose, however, is permanent change. 

The more residents who choose active transportation, the greater push for more accessible communities. That means healthier Oklahomans, more foot traffic for the local economy and an active interest in shaping the areas we call “home.”

It won’t happen overnight but, with our help, we hope to create lasting, tight-knit neighborhoods across our city.

Who are “we”? The OKC•County Health Department’s Wellness Now Coalition. We organize Open Streets OKC biannually together with several of our member organizations, including: 

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