There were headaches, but it was all worth it in the end. The headaches were two-fold: One caused by the stress of change, the second from the lingering fumes.
After 10 years at 21 E. Main Street in Bricktown, we finally got around to repainting the office. We also replaced the carpet, which had worn down considerably. The taupe, teal and burgundy walls are just memories now. Hello Homestead Brown, Prairie Grass, Aqua-Sphere and Lemon Verbena!

We went with a suite of colors called “Local Momentum,” and used broad accent walls to highlight different colors. Now, we have dueling conference rooms that adjoin each other. We have the “green room” and the “blue room.” As you enter our offices from the lobby, you’ll get a full view of the whole spectrum. Our sky lit hallway on the west pops with a hint of sky blue. Even on overcast days, it gives the illusion of clear skies outside. The new scheme seems to have a calming effect, as well.

Darla Hugaboom and Meredith Williams from our staff were the primary interior designers. The whole remodel process took several weeks, and had to be done incrementally as we packed our offices and moved furniture. We’re all settled back in now, and response on the re-do has been mostly positive.

If you happen to be in the neighborhood, come on by for a tour.

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