[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPBl04ub1oA]The City of Oklahoma City launched its latest comprehensive plan process in May. The goal of the plan is to ensure a healthy environment, community, and economy for its residents, with the understanding that the decisions made today affect the choices in the future regarding places to live, work and play.

There have only been three previous comprehensive plans in the city’s history. The first one took place in 1930, the second in 1949, and the last full plan was in 1977. The last plan did have two updates, in 1989 and 2000.

Since 1977, the city has grown 40 percent in population, while treated water production (volume) has increased 58 percent.  The city’s utility service area has grown 63 percent in square miles, and the developed area has practically doubled.  Lane miles have increased a staggering 275 percent since the last plan.

Planning Director Russell Claus said that the process should take about 12 months and will involve heavy neighborhood engagement in the fall. Recommendations will be presented in 2012. 

The brand for the plan is planOKC, with the guiding principle being sustainability. There are nine elements to the plan that focus on future land use, transportation, environment, communities, preservation, parks and recreation, economic development, public services and implementation.

In the video, city planning staff, including Claus, Susan Miller and Randall Entz, answer a question and discuss “food deserts” and the importance of integrating grocery stores and more food choices into a healthy, accessible neighborhood plan.

To stay informed on the progress of the plan, visit: http://www.okc.gov/planokc/.

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