As part of the development of Oklahoma City’s new comprehensive plan, a community appearance survey has been launched to gather public opinion on the design and appearance of residential and commercial buildings, streets, signs and parking lots.

Respondents can take the survey online or receive a survey via mail by calling 297-2283. The survey itself will only take about 15 to 20 minutes of your time to complete. All responses and information are completely confidential.

Though primarily focused on preferences of urban design and land use, the survey does ask for consideration of walkability, from sidewalk placement to parking arrangement and pedestrian accessibility.

Launched in May of 2010, planOKC, once complete, will be a comprehensive policy document used by city leaders, developers, business owners and citizens to guide decisions about future growth and development. The comprehensive plan will address all 621 square miles of Oklahoma City, from downtown to the city limits, and will include a transportation plan containing, among other modes, the MAPS 3-funded street car as well as greater consideration of pedestrians, bicyclists and public transit.

The community appearance survey comes on the heels of last fall’s housing survey, both emblematic of the substantial public participation component of planOKC, complemented by public meetings, social media, open house events, a 27-member mayor-appointed citizen advisory team and stakeholder groups.

You can find out more via the planOKC website.

Update (1/31/13): A second survey has been launched, Parks, Recreation and Open Space, about how to best serve the current and future parks and recreation needs of our community.

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