Bridge Creek, Oklahoma

Little more than two decades after the Land Run of 1889 opened the Indian Territory to settlement, Bridge Creek School was teaching the basic skills to children of the farmers and ranchers who constituted the community.  The story persists that the name Bridge Creek stuck when early settlers built a bridge of freshly cut timbers to cross the creek. Today, the Oklahoma hamlet is home to about 400 residents.

Town of Bridge Creek

From Wikipedia
Bridge Creek was incorporated as a town in 2000. The town proper and the unincorporated areas that its limits enclose are part of a rapidly growing area of northern McClain and Grady Counties known as the “Tri-City Area” with Newcastle, Tuttle and Blanchard. The town is home to about 400 residents and boasts a dedicated volunteer fire department. It’s also home to the Bridge Creek Bobcats!

Town Administration

Mayor Steve Foster



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