[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XREo9TwEEpI]Almost 100 degrees outside on a summer Saturday morning, and Rumble the Bison was maniacally mowing the lawn, as if in full game mode at the Ford Center. We were gathered in Edmond in the front lawn of David Smith, who was one of the winners of a cordless electric lawnmower, which is part of our annual summer air quality promotion.

Aside from Rumble, who showed up in his own custom van, with his vanity plate (“Rumble”), News9, KOKH-TV, Oklahoma City Thunder media and several onlookers from the neighborhood witnessed the spectacle.

David Smith entered the contest, which ran in June, and won the mower, which he gave to his father Jack, also in attendance. Judging from Rumble’s erratic, non-conforming mowing style (see the video above), the Smith clan may have to clean up Rumble’s mess. Other mower winners not in attendance included Steve Lindley of Oklahoma City, and Lawana Martin, from Newcastle. Almost 1,000 people entered through www.GetSquare.org and radio station websites. Winners were drawn using a computerized random number generator.

The ACOG Clean Air Committee, OG&E, Black and Decker and Citadel Radio sponsored this year’s promotion. Having Rumble present the mower was an added bonus! An electric lawnmower is a zero-emission lawncare tool that allows you to mow the lawn and not contribute to ozone air pollution in Central Oklahoma.

Crazy from the heat, Rumble left with as much fanfare as he arrived, waving from his van blaring rock music, as the neighbor kids waved back in amazement.

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