The Oklahoma Water Resources Board (OWRB) will hold a public meeting to receive comments on the Draft FY 2015 Intended Use (Strategic) Plan and Draft FY 2015-19 Clean Water State Revolving Fund Project Priority List on Thursday, June 5, 2014, at 10:30AM at 3800 North Classen Boulevard, Oklahoma City. To date, 10 proposed projects have been placed on the FY 2015 Fundable portion of the Project Priority List for an anticipated funding amount of nearly $45.5 million. Additional projects may be added or modified throughout the year, as funds are available. Under state law, eligible borrowers include any duly constituted, existing political subdivision of the state including counties, cities, towns, municipalities, sewer districts, public trusts or authorities, and state agencies.

Water Garber Wellington Oklahoma Water Resources Board  Water Scarcity Projects InfrastructureThe ACOG region fared well with three municipalities on the priority list.  The Lexington Public Works Authority intends to use $3 million to buy a new sequential batch reactor wastewater treatment plant and convert an existing aeration basin and ER holding pond to a sludge dewatering unit. Nicoma Park is upgrading their collection system with $5 million from the fund.  The City of Choctaw is bringing their existing WWTP back to its original design capacity of 1.0 MGD and extending a sanitary sewer collection line to Indian Meridian Road.

The CWSRF was initiated by the 1987 Federal Clean Water Act amendments to provide a renewable funding source to assist states in meeting infrastructure and pollution runoff control needs to protect human health and water resources. Eligible entities may receive below market interest rate financing for planning, engineering, and construction activities associated with wastewater collection and treatment works, stormwater, abandoned site remediation, water/energy efficiency, green infrastructure, innovative green projects and non-point source pollution control activities.

A copy of the draft plan is available at the OWRB’s Oklahoma City office as well as online. To submit a proposed project for funding, or for further information contact:  Owen Mills, Environmental Programs Manager, Financial Assistance Division, Oklahoma Water Resources Board at (405)530-8800.

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