Encompass 2040 Call for Projects

Encompass 2040 Call for Projects

Local entities and transportation agencies are invited to submit projects for consideration in Encompass 2040, the long-range transportation plan of the Oklahoma City Area Regional Transportation Study (OCARTS) area. Projects listed in the existing 2035 OCARTS Plan will not automatically be carried forward. All projects – new or old – need to be submitted again due to changing federal financial and environmental guidelines and to support a new policy direction for Encompass 2040. Developing a list of transportation projects that improve the way people and goods move around Central Oklahoma is a critical element of Encompass 2040. This federally required project listing is intended to help the region identify and prioritize future transportation investments based on adopted regional goals, strategies and estimated financial resources.


March 17, 2015 – ACOG Workshop on submittal process March 18, 2015 – Call For Projects open May 1, 2015 – Call For Projects closed TBD – Special ITTC meeting to review projects, discuss gap projects June 11, 2015 – Regular ITTC Meeting, present preliminary project list June 25, 2015 – Regular ITPC Meeting, present preliminary project list

Online Project Submission

Projects must be submitted online. Please use this form to submit projects. Files to submit: completed Excel workbook with all projects, maps of projects in PDF or shapefile format (see the template for shapefile format), any additional project information you would like to provide Making Maps: If you need software to help make maps of your projects you can download the FREE version of ArcGIS Explorer Desktop from ESRI. It will allow you to make a map and email a .jpg version to yourself or anyone.

Supporting Documents

Project Submission Guidebook (.PDF) Project Submission Form Excel Workbook (.XLSM) Project Submission Workbook (no form/macro version) .XLSX) All project information and answers to criteria questions should be submitted through this workbook. The macro-enabled document is designed for easy entry of up to 100 projects; there is no need to submit this workbook once for each project. The form is arranged vertically, and each project is given its own column. Scores are calculated automatically. To simplify data entry, a macro (Visual Basic) form provides a straightforward way to submit information for one project. Simply click the Project Submission Form button at the top of the sheet to open the dialog box, enter the project’s information into all of the tabs, and press the Insert into Workbook button. Each operation of this feature will insert project information into a new column. (When opening the form for the first time, be sure to click the Enable Content button that should appear in the security warning above the workbook to enable this functionality.) A macro-free version of this workbook is provided for those who would prefer to work without macros. Data can still be entered manually into unlocked cells, and, where practical, drop-down menus aid data entry. Scores are still calculated automatically. Encompass 2040 Approved Scoring Criteria (.PDF) 2035 Project List (.XLSX) GIS Template Geodatabase for Submitted Projects (.ZIP) GIS Geodatabase Project Criteria Map Data (.ZIP) Encompass 2040 Goals Additional Environmental/NEPA Information – It is important to note that the Encompass 2040 impact analysis is regional in scale and does not replace project-level environmental assessments required by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) for federally funded transportation improvements. However, it is useful in providing local governments and other transportation agencies with information on critical areas that may need special attention during project development. ODOT Procedures for NEPA for Local Government Projects (.PDF) ODOT Procedures for NEPA Consultants hired by City or County (.PDF) ODOT Environmental Process (.PDF) ACOG Maps Website (general map data) Encompass 2035 Projects Map OCARTS Entity Map (.PDF) OCARTS Freight Intermodal Facilities and Warehouses (.PDF) OCARTS Area Bicycle Facilities Existing and Proposed (.PDF, size E) OCARTS Additional Safety Maps Bicycle Crash Map (.PDF) Bicycle Crash Density (.PDF) Bicycle Crash Density (no Norman) (.PDF) Pedestrian Crash Map (.PDF) Pedestrian Crash Density (.PDF) Crash Density Fatalities (.PDF) Regional Crash Density (.PDF) ODOT’s Functional Class Guide Please note that changes were made to the functional classification system in Central Oklahoma as a result of the 2010 census. These changes are not yet reflected in ODOT’s maps. Use the 2010 OCARTS Functional Classification System Map. FHWA Proven Safety Counter Measures ODOT Maps

ACOG’s ArcGIS Online Supporting Maps

Click here to view all maps embedded on the ACOG website or below individually to see them on ArcGIS Online

  • 2010 OCARTS Functional Classification System Map
  • Activity Zones for Encompass 2040 Project Selection
  • Structurally Deficient/Functionally Obsolete Bridges
  • Regional High Crash Locations Areas of Concern (Environmental Justice and Disadvantaged Populations)
  • 2010 Block Group Population-Employment Density
  • Environmentally Sensitive Areas
  • Buffer Index for Encompass 2040 Project Selection
  • Travel Time Index for Encompass 2040 Project Selection


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