A number of data items are required for each transportation plan update. Base year data and the 30-year horizon year forecasts are developed for population, employment, dwelling unit, school enrollment, household income and land use data. This data is represented in GIS to allow analysis of multiple items at one time.

Census Data

The 2010 Census and American Community Survey data will be used as an integrel part of the regional planning process.

Projected Population Growth 2012-2017

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ESRI’s Tapestry Segmentation

Residential areas are classified into 65 distinct segments based on socioeconomic and demographic data.  To learn more about Tapestry Segmentation and the individual LifeMode groups, visit ESRI’s website.


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Employment Data

2010 base year employment by place of work is mapped. Each individual business is matched to its physical location and its associated employment. This information is aggregated to the traffic analysis zone level of geography.

Unemployment Rate

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Land Use

Regional land use information is collected for the next OCARTS area Plan. Both base year and the future horizon year are assembled at the parcel level. This information is mapped and verified by each local community and is an integral part of the transportation planning process.

Present & Future Land Use (2005)

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School Data

2010 school enrollment data has been collected from the public, private, college/vo-tech and universities in the OCARTS area. Each school facility has been mapped at its physical location.

Public Schools & School Districts

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Staff Contacts

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TPS Division Manager

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