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Geographic information Systems (GIS) play an important role within the Transportation and Planning Services Division at ACOG. GIS staff collect and maintain a variety of datasets for mapping and analysis purposes. One of ACOG’s goals is to provide access to these GIS datasets to member entities and the general public. Please be aware that much of the data only covers the Oklahoma City Area Regional Transportation Study (OCARTS) boundary. This data is intended for informational, planning reference, and guidance only. ACOG makes no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy of the data. For more information please refer to the ACOG Map and Data Disclaimer.

ArcGIS Online

ACOG’s ArcGIS Online account provides staff with another tool for delivering spatial information to our members. Staff are constantly creating new maps and applications so please stop by often.

Featured Maps and Applications

Existing Bike Facilities
Encompass 2035 Projects

Staff Contacts

Jennifer Sebesta

TPS Division Manager

More Sources

Center for Spatial Analysis
Oklahoma Center for Geospatial Information
Maps and Data Disclaimer


Available Upon Request
  • ACOG Boundary
  • OCARTS Boundary
  • 911 ACOG Boundary
  • ACOG Urbanized Area
  • ACOG Adjusted Urbanized Area
  • Land Use
  • Public Schools
  • School Districts
  • Parcels
  • Road Centerlines
  • Traffic Counts (more up-to-date counts available here)
  • Encompass 2035 Projects
  • Regional Bike Routes
  • Regional Snow Routes
  • Regional Transit Routes
  • Municipal Boundaries
  • Ambulance Service Areas
  • Fire Department Service Areas
  • Law Enforcement Service Areas
  • Amtrak Stations
  • City Wards
  • Counties
  • ODOT 8 Year Construction Work Plan
  • ODOT Bridges (by age and condition)
  • ODOT Functional Classification
  • Oklahoma Councils of Government
  • Oklahoma House Districts
  • Oklahoma Senate Districts
  • Oklahoma Tribal Jurisdictions
  • Section-Township-Range
  • US House Districts
  • Voting Precincts
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