Central Oklahoma Traffic Incident Management Effort

Central Oklahoma Traffic Incident Management Effort

The Central Oklahoma Traffic Incident Management Effort (COTIME) is a multi-disciplinary traffic incident management committee focused on reducing incident related congestion, secondary crashes and roadway user and first responder safety by implementing consistent, region-wide incident management practices. The 18-member committee is comprised of representatives from local fire, police, EMS, Oklahoma Highway Patrol, Oklahoma Wrecker’s Association, American Public Works Association, Oklahoma Sheriff’s Association, Oklahoma Department of Transportation and the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments.

The COTIME committee uses the National Traffic Incident Management Coalition and National Unified Goal to guide the principles for developing roles and responsibility of first responder agencies at the scene of a traffic incident. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol, working in conjunction with the Federal Highway Administration, is currently conducting four-hour training sessions to all first responder disciplines statewide, in accordance with the Strategic Highway Research Program 2 training program. COTIME Bylaws COTIME Members List COTIME Milestones 2014 2013 TIM Self-Assessment HB1782 – “Quick Clearance” legislation HB2969 “Move Over” legislation Real-Time System Management Information

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Staff Contacts

John M. Sharp
Deputy Director

Beverly Garner
Executive Assistant

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